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Why did the teacher write the lesson on the windows?
 He wanted the lesson to be very clear!

Science Teacher: Who can tell me what an atom is?
Student: The guy who went out with Eve!

Who is your best friend at school?
Your princi-pal!

Why did the Cyclops stop teaching?
Because he only had one pupil!

Why was the students report card all wet?
Because it was below C level!

Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 8 9!

What is the only class you can plant a flower in?
In Kindergarden!

What flies around the school at night?
The alpha-bat!

What is a teacher's three favorite words?
 June, July & August!

What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T?
A teapot!

What room can a student never enter?
A Mushroom!

What letter is found in a cup?

Why were the teacher's eyes crossed?
She couldn't control her pupils!

Why did the teacher marry the janitor?
Because he swept her off her feet!

Why don't you see giraffes in elementary school?
Because they're all in High School!

What’s the difference between a teacher and a steam train?
The first goes “Spit out that chewing gum immediately!” and the second goes “chew chew”!

Today my teacher yelled at me for something I didn’t do.
What was that?
My homework!

What has 3 feet and no legs?
A yardstick!

What is white when its dirty and black when its clean?
A blackboard!

Why did the teacher jump into the lake?
Because she wanted to test the waters!

Why is your homework in your father’s handwriting?
I used his pen!

Name two days of the week that start with "t"?
Today and Tomorrow!

Why did the teacher write the lesson on the windows?
He wanted the lesson to be very clear!

You’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet?
But these are the only feet I’ve got!

What school supply is always tired?
A knapsack!

James, where is your homework?
I ate it. Why?
You said it was a piece of cake!

Why does the letter A look like a flower?
Because a “B” always comes after it!

Could you please pay a little attention?
I'm paying as little attention as I can!

Spell enemy in three letters.

I see you missed the first day of school.
Yes, but I didn't miss it much.

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